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DIY Handyman Tasks – Reading, Berkshire

We all have a list of little fixes and improvements that we would like to get done at home.

All too often, the most common DIY handyman tasks are often the most ignored and the most left out.

It is tempting to just call a professional contractor that can deal with all your home improvement issues but crossing off items from your to-do list that you have executed individually, can be extremely rewarding. Please note that not all handyman tasks such as electrical ones should be taken on as DIY projects. Instead, they should be left to a professional that can complete them safely and correctly.

Types of home improvement tasks for a DIY handyman

Paint prep: Painting a new wall colour is a great way to transform your living space and it is often a project that you can prep to make the process much more effective. A lot of homeowners out there have the right tools and equipment such as rollers, brushes, and sanders that can make paint prep straightforward. Make sure that you clean the surface that you want to paint thoroughly to ensure that the painting is flawless.

Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping the areas around your windows and door frames can help to reduce wind and drafts from entering your home. Weatherstripping is a simple task that does not require the use of specialised tools. You can simply buy your weatherstripping that is sticky on one side from any hardware store. To install it, you just roll and cut the proper length for your windows and doors.

Hanging shelves: If you find that your art or wall storage requires more support than you thought, you can use studs from any hardware store in Reading for reinforcement. The only time that you should avoid installing or hanging shelves without any help is if you live in an apartment or condo that has additional layers below the surface. If you hit the concrete hard but still cannot get through it, it is better to hire a capable handyman that can help you.

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