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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly – Reading, Berkshire

If you don’t have the time or inclination to build your flat pack furniture, we can assemble it for you.

Flat pack furniture is very affordable, which helps to explain its popularity.

It can be hard to resist a flat pack bed or couch because most are usually available at almost half the price of traditional bespoke furniture. Flat pack furniture is becoming hugely popular and the trend has continued to grow since self-assemble furniture was introduced in the market over 50 years ago. New flat pack furniture can help to transform your space completely so it is essential to find the best flat pack furniture that you can afford if you want to get value for your purchase.

Everything you need to know about flat pack furniture

So which is the best type of furniture for you? Traditional, custom-made furniture or flat pack furniture?

Traditional vs. flat pack furniture: Furniture that needs to be assembled is also known as flat pack furniture, knock-down fittings, self-assembly furniture, kit furniture or ready to assemble units. Flat pack furniture is typically delivered to your doorstep in carton flat packed delivery boxes and they come with all the assembly instructions and the vital tools for flat pack furniture assembly.

Flat pack furniture is typically manufactured in flat components so that you can assemble the flat pieces after your purchase. Flat pack pieces can vary from 3 pieces to hundreds. Flat pack furniture can be made from a range of materials including:

• Particleboard or chipboard
• Solid wood
• Plastic
• Medium density fiberboard

Traditional furniture: Traditional furniture tends to be custom made by a skilled carpenter or contractor. Professionals have to work with a range of materials to come up with designs that can suit you and your budget. Custom carpentry is still very popular today.

Benefits of flat pack furniture

A wide array to choose from: Flat pack furniture usually comes in almost every conceivable design and style for the home, gym, outdoor space or the office. Selecting different flat pack pieces can allow you to mix and match your furniture for more design variety. Most flat pack furniture is modern and contemporary which means that you have a little more to play with before finding a style that you prefer.

When dealing with flat pack furniture assembly, we will rarely get any issues. All the components are typically made with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, with more magnet assisted assembly furniture hitting the market daily, flat pack furniture is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

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