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Garden Decking – Reading, Berkshire

Decking Design & Installation

Improve your garden with the addition of beautiful garden decking

There are a number of small changes that you can make to your house to improve it. These small changes, such as having a deck installed by a professional can make such a huge impact, particularly when you are trying to take your home off the market. Decks are also a great alternative if you need to add room for more storage space. Additionally, a finished deck with a great design can add years of enjoyment to your home, as well as take care of the issue of a sloping lot.

Types of decks

When it comes to decking, there is a wide variety of design options to choose from that can fit every budget and preference. Types of decks include:

Wooden decks: wooden decking is one of the most common types of decks. Most decking installation is either done using wood or other composite decking materials.

Attached decks: attached decks are almost like patios although they are usually slightly raised.

Island Deck: Island decks are the opposite of attached decks, which is why they are also known as detached decks. They can be positioned anywhere on your property but they should be close to a path or near steps.

Swimming pool deck: swimming pool decks are usually a smart choice because they are slip resistant and they don’t get hot like stone or concrete during summer.

The benefits of garden decking

A hosting spot: Whether you need to host a summer BBQ or a wine tasting party, a deck can give you additional space for hosting your guests, chiefly during the warmer summer months.

Add the value of your home: Decking installation can add tremendous value to your home. It is possible to recoup a huge percentage of the cost of decking installation when the overall value of your house increases.

Aesthetic appeal: When you are doing decking installation, you usually undergo a thorough design process that naturally helps to make your home more appealing which then enhances the overall quality of your home. A deck can add dimension to your yard so that your property can stand out effortlessly.

Quick to construct: Decking installation can be completed in as fast as a week, which means that you can live in your house as the project is ongoing. Unlike other home improvement projects which take months on end to complete, the process of decking can be completed quickly, especially when you find a team of reliable professionals to help you.

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