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Garden Fencing – Reading, Berkshire

Which fencing type is right for you?

If you want to put up a fence, one of the very first things that you have to consider is the type of material and the design that you want.

Thinking about some of these components of fence erection will help you make an informed decision so that you pick a fence that can fit the needs of your lifestyle, family or yard.

Homeowners usually have various options to select from and numerous other elements to consider before building a fence. Is your goal to prevent your kids from wandering off? Do you need more privacy? Or do you simply want to boost the value of your property by enhancing the final look of your yard?

You must also take the cost of maintaining the fence into account as well as some of the neighborhood restrictions that may exist. Finally, you have to hire the right fencing contractor to handle the project correctly. Fencing, whether it is wrought iron fencing or chain link fencing will have a great impact on the value and aesthetic property of your home.

Types of garden fences

Aluminium fencing: Aluminium fencing is one of the most basic and attractive types of fences. Aluminum fences are loved because they tend to be maintenance free and can essentially look like any other fence made from another material.

Wood fencing: Wood is by far the most popular fencing type. It gives homeowners a heightened sense of security and it a great attractive option at a great price. The cost of wooden fence erection will depend on the height and size of your fence, as well as the amount of lumber that you will need to complete the project successfully. Just like hardwood floors, wooden fences can last a lifetime when they are well taken care of and maintained.

PVC fencing: PVC fencing is hands down one of the cheapest fencing options for your yard. Instead of using wood, these fences are made from PVC stakes and pickets. Although PVC fences are not as powerful and strong as other types, they definitely serve their function.

Wrought iron fencing: Most homes that have funky designs of fences are often times fences that are made with wrought iron. While wrought iron fencing can be sophisticated and beautiful, these fences require a little extra care if you are to protect your investment. They need to be repainted or sanded every couple of years.

Chain link fencing: These types of fences do not add a lot of privacy to your home, but they perform the basic function of a fence. Like many of the options listed here, chain link fencing is inexpensive and comparatively easy to maintain.

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